The Shanghai International Convention Center holds lage-scale international conferences and business forum, famous worldwide for its professionalism and comprehensiveness . The Grand Banquet Hall is biggest banquet halls in China, that has no supporting pillars at all. And It has additional 28 multi-function conference rooms. //All of them are equipped with most advanced high-tech AV system and simultaneous translation system. The better, our experienced conference manager will assist you in organization throughout, so that you can enjoy the success and wonderful experience meanwile.

Meeting Equipment
  • 1+10 simultaneous translation system

  • Philips DCN meeting System

    and chairman speech mike

  • A/V transmit live

    TV signal channel

  • Audio Signal synthesizing System

    and multimedia control system

  • CRT projector

  • Laser pen

  • Projector

  • Phantom machine

  • Magic lantern

  • Converter

  • Colorful multi frequency system television

  • Multi frequency system projector

Retrospective Meeting
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